Indigenous Advanced
Education & Skills Council

Assisting IAESC in providing quality assurance for Indigenous Institutes in Ontario is the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium. WINHEC and IAESC signed a memorandum of understanding agreement during the internationally-respected group's annual general meeting held in Norway Aug. 22.
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Quality assurance is key

The Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council is the quality assurance organization for Indigenous Institutes in Ontario, the newest pillar in the province's post-secondary education and training landscape. Accreditation will lead to improved opportunities for students as they build their careers through employment and life-long learning pursuits.

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Education landscape vast, diversified

Indigenous Institutes create opportunities for the future by building on the foundations of culture, language and knowledge systems that have served their communities since time immemorial. Each are unique in both programming and development. And there are many partners in post-secondary education. The Community Page on this website is meant to link Institutes, partners and friends. Additional relevant link suggestions welcome, email: (Special thanks to Kenjgewin Teg, FNTI and Six Nations Polytechnic for sharing images of their students and learning environments.)

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Essential background and resources

Indigenous education in Ontario and around the world has deep roots. The creation of the Council alone is tied directly to decades of developments while Indigenous Institutes have a history of community-based learning systems that pre-date European contact. The Library Page on this website features links to documents and reference material. We welcome suggestions for additional links, please email:

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We have a duty to care for the well-being of students in their quest for knowledge and high-quality education.